Whalesong Tonga
Whalesong Tonga
Whalesong Tonga



Whalesong is a custom built  12 meter vessel complete with ramp for easy access to and from the water and beaches.

Tonga is also one of the few places on the globe where not only can you watch, but also swim with Whales. Join us and experience the beauty and grace of these majestic mammals within the sheltered waters that Vava’u has to offer.

This means that only 4 guests and 1 guide may enter the water with a whale at any one time.  This of course only enhances your experience with these beautiful creatures.

Our vessel provides a stable platform for the keen photographer to capture the boisterous play of the calves and the brilliant courtship displays of the adults.

MV Whalesong also offers snorkeling trips which incorporate a BBQ lunch enjoyed on a deserted beach.

There are many beautiful sites to explore, including caves that can only be accessed from the water.


TOP $250 Per person per day
TOP $ 265 Per person for Two days
TOP $ 280 Per person for Three  days
TOP $295 Per Person for Four days
TOP $ 310 Per person for Five days

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