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tonga island tours
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Malo e lelei and welcome to “Tongatapu Island Tours” in the Polynesian Kingdom of Tonga!

My name is Collin Johansson and I am a tour operator from the Kingdom of Tonga who takes visitors on exciting and informative tours of Tonga’s main island of Tongatapu.

Tongatapu is a beautiful and unique island featuring beaches, resorts, historical sites, buildings and really out-of-the-way places that make you think you’re the first visitor to this island paradise.

You can choose from three tours:  two half-island tours (Eastern-side and Western-side) and the Whole island tour! Come along with a tour guide who has shown Tongatapu to a National Geographic photographer!


The Eastern-side tour has 5 stops and 1 optional stop. (a “stop” means we park and explore outside of our air-conditioned van)

  • Captain Cook’s landing place situated by the lagoon at Mu’a – the old capital.
  • Ancient Burial Tombs – located at Lapaha the ancient residence of the sacred kings of Tonga the Tu’i Tonga.
  • Ha’amonga Trilithon – dubbed by some as Tonga’s Stonehenge – an ancient stone archway at the site where the 11th Tu’i Tonga lived around 1200 AD.
  • Watch the ‘fishing pigs’ at low tide on our scenic drive past the coastal villages of Talafo’ou and Manuka on the way to the Ha’amonga trilithon.
  • Anahulu Cave (optional) – a stalactite cave with cool freshwater pools. The local village charges an entrance fee of TOP $15 if you want to go in.
  • ‘Oholei Beach – a quick beach stop where you can enjoy a stroll along the bright white sands and view the beautiful island of ‘Eua.
  • Hufangalupe land-bridge – a fascinating cliff lookout that will take your breath away!

Duration time is approximately 3 hours. Price is TOP $80 per person with a minimum of two people. (if you wish to join a trip with others, simply send a message!)


The Western-side tour starts with a quick view of the Royal Tombs and the Royal Palace in Nuku’alofa. We take a scenic drive through the old town of Kolomotu’a on our way to the western districts. This tour has 5 stops and 2 optional stops.

  • Abel Tasman’s landing place – situated at the end of the island with a beautiful view of the islands facing Nuku’alofa.
  • Landing place of Christianity – a memorial plaque at a site where the first Christian missionaries landed including Reverend John Thomas.
  • Hutchinson – situated next to Abel Tasmans landing place.
  • Vakaloa Beach Resort – a beach stop to soak in the breathtaking ocean view of the Western-side beaches.
  • Kolovai Flying foxes – check out the fruit bats hanging from the trees in the local villagers front yard!
  • Tsunami Rock – at the village of Kala’au a giant boulder stands alone in a wide flat open area near the sea. Local legends say it was thrown there by the demi god Maui. Geologist believe it was washed up by a giant tsunami!
  • Houma Blowholes – probably the most spectacular blowholes in the South Pacific. A stunning coastline of amazing water geysers along the reefs driven by the relentless waves. The view stretches from the east to the west.
  • Three-pronged coconut Tree and LDS Temple site. (Optional) An interesting mutation of a coconut tree with 2-3 main branches by the road. The Mormon church high school and temple can be seen from here.

Duration time approximately 3 hours. Price TOP $80 per person with a minimum of two people. (if you wish to join a trip with others, simply send a message!)


This tour is the combined Eastern and Western-side tours listed above with a lunch stop at Keleti Beach Resort where lunch is available but not included in the tour price.

Duration approximately 6 hours. Price TOP $140 with a minimum of two people. (if you wish to join a trip with others, simply send a message!

Please note that tour prices are per person, but if you are travelling alone for the day, feel free to come along with another group in our air-conditioned van! 


  • All tours include complimentary drinks including water or soft drink.
  • Our tours are conducted by our experienced guide with full commentaries in English.
  • Vehicles are fully air-conditioned.
  • Private tours and Customized tours can be arranged.
  • Group discounts available.
  • Booking are essential!
  • All enquiries are welcome.