the boatyard

The Boatyard: Vava’u


The Boatyard is a brand new yacht haulage and hard stand facility in Vava’u, the first in Tonga, and has turned Tonga into a safe year-round cruising destination!

The Boatyard

It is located in an old quarry and it’s 20ft above mean sea level and is protected on three sides by steep hills and the old quarry. Access to the water is gained via a gently sloping slipway.

With a hydraulic trailer custom built for the Boatyard by Hoster Marine in the US it is capable of handling monohulls and multihulls up to 30 metric tonnes and 60ft.


  • Woodwork
  • Fibreglass repair/fabrication
  • Metal fabrication / welding
  • Mechanics
  • Sail and canvas repair
  • Refrigeration
  • Electrical repair
  • Chandlery
  • Superyacht services


TOP – Tongan Pa’anga (T$)


Haulout /Launch [mono hull 510] [multi hull 590]

Pressure wash [mono hull 3.00 per ft] [multi hull 3.90 per ft]

Own Trailer and Truck [mono hull 10 per slipway use]


Short-term (1-5 months) [mono hull 0.80 per ft] [multi hull 1.00 per ft]

Long-term (>6 months) [mono hull 0.75 per ft] [multi hull 0.95 per ft]

Own trailer storage [mono hull 0.30 per ft]