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At Poppin’ Tonga, we love to fish. Our favorite kind is popping for Giant Trevally. Your guide has over 15 years experience popping in Hawaii and has spent the last 8 years searching Vava’u for prime fishing locations. He would love to take you to the remote reefs to try your luck with these bruts of the sea. Your fishing platform is named Lupo. In the Tongan Language it is the name of the smaller Trevally (quick and agile). Lupo is a Boston Whaler, Montauk 17, which is excellent for 2 anglers,one forward and one aft. It is powered by a  Yamaha 60 HP 4-stroke for quiet cruising the reef edges. Warning: Fighting this kind of fish can be physically challenging, and requires a good level of skill casting large lures.. Please be sure to ask all possible questions before booking GT fishing trips, especially land based ones.  We are based out of Lucky’s Beach Houses and can supply your accommodation needs also.

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