Diana Beach Resort


Diana Beach Resort is locally owned by one of the female entrepreneur in the island of Ha’apai. Very dedicated lady especially to her relationship with the whales for years passing through from his fathers. License as a whale watching operator in 2018 after working for several overseas companies in Ha’apai. Their whale watching business has operate by her and her husband since then.

They operate on a 1 ton , 15 meters fiber vessel MV. Heu’ifanga with 2 motive power each 150 hp. Sea certified to operate in Ha’apai waters with safe equipment’s on board. Carry up to 10 people on board with 8 passangers and 2 crews.

Price for Whale Watching is $300 TOP. Cheapest in the island.

We also offers:

a) Boat Charters ($100TOP)

b) Snorkeling tours ($100TOP)