Bellavista cafe
Bellavista cafe
Bellavista cafe

Bellavista Cafe & Restaurant


Bellavista Cafe and Restaurant is situated in the heart of Neiafu in Vava’u, Tonga.

A quaint cafe where Italy meets the magic of the South Pacific. Stop in for an espresso and stay for a diverse menu featuring fresh fish, pasta, Tongan-infused cuisine and more!

Wi-Fi access is available as well as a beautiful view of the Port of Refuge.

Bellavista also offers our customers Wi-Fi access (your first 30 minutes free of charge), espresso and coffee, beverages, pizza, and locally sourced dishes including fresh fish, lobster and octopus.

We have an excellent beer and wine selection. Bellavista is located in the center of Guttenbeil Plaza and within walking distance to many local attractions. Stop in for the view and stay for the unique dining experience!

Opening hours

Internet Cafe 8AM – 5PM

Dinner 630PM – 10PM