Most travellers who come to Tonga explore the main island of Tongatapu – and not just because that’s where the international airport is. Tongatapu is rich in history and culture unlike anywhere else in the South Pacific, while also harbouring awesome natural attractions. Of course, this is the South Pacific, so there is always a way to get some beach time in. Sounds like the dream? Plan your getaway to Tongatapu, right here, on Tonga’s largest travel guide.

Welcome to Tongatapu, the “Sacred South” of Tonga. Often described as Tonga’s main island, Tongatapu is not only home to the kingdom’s capital, but it is the main launching pad for arriving in Tonga and exploring the islands. While the large island here is called Tongatapu, the regional area also includes its outer islands, where waters are home to coral reefs, a handful of island resorts, and safe waters for whale swimming between July and October. That’s not to say that there isn’t enough to do on the main island, with countless historical and natural landmarks that rarely fail to amaze.