‘Ana Tevunga Rental


Greetings from ‘Ana Tevunga Rentals. We are located in the capital of Vava’u, Neiafu along the intersetion between Kovana Rd and Fatafehi Road. Very accessible for anyone wish to hire one of our rentals. We offer cars & shuttle with price ranges listed below. A bond must be paid on first day for around $200 – $300 TOP as leverage for our vehicles insurance. We will reimburse that after we check our vehicles on return. There are no reimbursement after payment so make sure you finalize your decision before purchasing days for our cars.

Cars: $100 – $180TOP  per day

Shuttles: $250TOP per day for 10 seated shuttle

$300TOP per day for 15 seated shuttle.

Visit us at our office in Neiafu so we’d help you on your vacation.

Tu’a ‘Ofa Atu.


Intersection between Kovana Rd and Fatafehi Rf